Fire Kunlun Mountains

Fire Kunlun Mountains

Xiangqi time is up! In the xiangqi game shared today, the red side is in critical condition. Before turning defeat into victory, let’s talk about the Kunlun Mountains in the name of the ancient spectrum.

Kunlun Mountain has a prominent position in the cultural history of the Chinese nation as “the ancestor of all mountains”. The ancients called Kunlun Mountain as the “ancestor of dragon veins” in China.

Fire Kunlun Mountains

For example, Li Bai’s beautiful poem “If you don’t meet at the top of the jade hills, you will meet Yaotai under the moon”, Huazhang of Mang Kunlun, Nuwa refining the stone to mend the sky, Jingwei reclaiming the sea, the Xiwangmu’s peach event, Bai Niangzi stealing fairy grass and Chang’e flying to the moon, etc. Many myths and legends handed down in ancient China are related to the Kunlun Mountains, which are considered to be the birthplace of the descendants of Yan and Huang. However, the Kunlun Mountains are not the “Kunlun Mountains” mentioned in many myths, but the Kunlun mountain system. The Kunlun Mountain in myth is the “Kunlun Fairy Mountain” that exists in reality.

The Kunlun Mountains are high and far away. The cannons in our xiangqi have to exert the power of long-range missiles to burn the Kunlun Mountains in one fell swoop.

Xiangqi tips:

1. The initial position of the cannons is the turret, which is also called the fortress, which acts as a mutual restraint at the beginning.

2. The cannon is flexible and can move back and forth. Like rooks, there is no limit to the number of grids, and the defense is strong.

3. Cannons are not easily dispatched, it does not mean that they cannot be dispatched. There are many changes in xiangqi. Of course, it is necessary to adapt to local conditions. Here is most of the situation. Cannons are long-range combat weapons, but short-range combat is less powerful.

4. At the beginning of the game, don’t fight directly when you see the soldiers. The soldiers will help the opponent to dispatch horses, and there will be problems on your own line of defense if you rashly dispatch your cannon.

5. The lack of Elephants is afraid of Cannons, and the lack of Mandarins is not afraid of Cannons.

Fire Kunlun Mountains

Red : the cannon on the 4th (四)file moves 9 steps

Black : the horse on the 1th file moves forward to the 3th file

Fire Kunlun Mountains


Red : the general on the 5th (五) file moves 1 step to the right

Black : the horse on the 3th file moves back to the 2th file

Fire Kunlun Mountains


Red : the cannon on the 4th (一)file moves to the 1th (一)file and eat the black’s rook

Finally, The red win!

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