Management Skills Learned From Xiangqi

The rules of Xiangqi and the method of playing Xiangqi can be regard to be well integrated with the organizational structure of the enterprise,the management system of the enterprise and the management process of the enterprise.

The “Generals将” in Xiangqi is the CEO in the enterprise. The rules of Xiangqi show that the CEO of the enterprise cannot stretch his hand too far when managing his subordinates,in Chinese, it means that he cannot manage too broadly. Not only the CEO himself can’t stretch his hands too long, but also the assistants “Mandarins士” and “Bishop象” around him also work within a fixed framework.The function of the CEO’s right-hand man is to protect and support the CEO from harm, to identify the true and false, to identify the enemy and the enemy, and to remove all obstacles for the development of the company led by the CEO. Although the “Mandarins士” can only move within the nine palaces, and the “Bishop象” have only half of the expected space, but they are indeed an important pillar to ensure the “Generals将”. Therefore, as the main leader of the enterprise, it is a top priority to choose a right-hand man,this is the key to the survival of a business.

If the management of the company is not smooth, the first thing to consider is whether the Rooks车, Horses马, Bishop象, Pawns卒, Generals将, Mandarins士, and Cannons炮are complete, that is whether the company’s personnel are complete, and more importantly is whether the positions in the company’s internal human resources allocation have the required skills. You can’t put the “Pawns卒” in the place of the “Rooks车”, or try to make the “Rooks车” function as the “Horses马”. This phenomenon belongs to the misuse of personnel or the reuse of personnel. This will not only increase the cost of employment, but also make competent people not in their due positions, while incompetent people are in some key positions, it will lead to a decline in the work efficiency of the company.


Choose the right person – identifying people, this is first of the difficulties.


Putting people in the right position – employing people, this is the second difficulty.


The commander’s wisdom – rational division of labor and rational delegation of power, this is the third difficulty.

It can be seen that choosing the right person is the premise of using the right person, and using the right person is the premise of rational delegation of power. The main factors of an enterprise’s management level are choosing the right people, using the right people, and rationally empowering them. Many entrepreneurs think that bad management means bad management process and management system, this is wrong! The main source of bad management is not grasping the essence of management.

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