The subconscious mind in xiangqi

The subconscious mind in xiangqi

Xiangqi has a long history, strong interest, and profound wisdom. It is one of the four arts of “piano, xiangqi, calligraphy and painting” and has been loved by people since ancient times. In 1956, the first Chinese Xiangqi Individual Championship was established, marking the entry of Xiangqi into the arena of competitive sports. Since then, Chinese chess has entered an era of co-existence, and epic figures such as Yang Guanlin and Hu Ronghua have gradually emerged. At a time when almost a man could play xiangqi, the love of xiangqi was almost a mania. At the same time, it was also an era of closed information. In order to appreciate a game of a master, it was often necessary to travel long distances and visit the arena in person, just to see the idol in my heart, or to appreciate the wonderful xiangqi game of a xiangqi master.

Since entering the new century, the development of the Internet has completely changed people’s inherent life mode. People are gradually accustomed to doing anything in front of the computer, and the popularity of the Internet is like a doomed revolution, which is hard to refuse. As a Chinese xiangqi with thousands of years of cultural accumulation, it is perfectly combined with the emerging scientific and technological power, marking the advent of the Internet era of xiangqi.

Online competition

If in the 1990s, someone said that a large-scale competition with hundreds of thousands of people would be held, it would definitely be regarded as a lunatic. However, with the advent of the Internet age, the competition has broken through the limit of the number of people. The number of netizens who play xiangqi in QQ games every day has reached millions, which is obviously an unimaginable number in the real world.

Judging from the excitement of the tournament, I think it is an inevitable trend for xiangqi to get faster and faster. Compared with the traditional slow xiangqi, although the quality of the xiangqi game is not good, there are often mistakes and omissions, but because of this, it has improved the level of excitement. Just like a football game, people are always willing to see a defensive player make a mistake and concede the ball to drive fans crazy. The same is true of xiangqi. Under the pressure of time, professional xiangqi players often make fatal mistakes and are often talked about by xiangqi fans. At the same time, the pace of modern society is getting faster and faster, and the xiangqi game should also adapt to this change. Combined with the platform of the Internet, the online fast xiangqi game should be launched. Recalling that Tiktok Quick xiangqi Tournament was the most concerned program for xiangqi fans across the country, and its ratings once surpassed that of football. So I think that creating a professional online live xiangqi game is an important step in the development of online xiangqi.

Communication platform

When the author was a child, in order to find a master to play xiangqi, he did not hesitate to travel all over the place. Later, with the Internet, as long as you sit in front of the computer, you can play xiangqi with masters from all over the world, which greatly improves the efficiency and fun of learning xiangqi. Occasionally, you can meet professional xiangqi players, which is of great benefit to the improvement of xiangqi skills. The powerful and convenient information dissemination function of the Internet allows the majority of xiangqi fans to understand the game information and enjoy the wonderful xiangqi games at the first time.

2012 is the 50th anniversary of the founding of the Chinese Xiangqi Association. As the only official online competition area of the xiangqi Festival certified by the Chinese Xiangqi Academy, QQ Game Xiangqi Platform has launched the “World Xiangqi Game” event platform this year, which provides more competition for xiangqi fans. Opportunities and platforms for learning and communication, while gaining more attention, more people participate, which is a blessing for xiangqi.

Cultural dissemination

Xiangqi has a profound cultural heritage and is a traditional treasure of Chinese civilization. In my opinion, xiangqi is like a treasure mountain. People who love art can feel the beauty of art. People who are passionate about philosophy can reflect on life. I think the information dissemination function of the Internet should have a certain positive orientation. Some time ago, I participated in an interview program produced by QQ Games. In the program, I shared some interesting stories and experiences of my xiangqi career with my xiangqi friends. Personally, I thought it was very meaningful.

In a word, it is an inevitable trend for xiangqi to realize marketization and networking. The Internet has brought a fresh and vigorous force to the development of xiangqi. This force has broken the traditional development model and helped the development of xiangqi to complete an incredible leap.

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